What are The MLK Day Allstar Classics?

The MLK Day Allstar Classics is the nation's only doubleheader of football games showcasing the premier seniors from high school and college.


Is practice open to the public?

We look forward to open practices for the 2022 game week!


How can I purchase tickets?


What other events does the MLK Day Allstar Classics put on each year?

The MLK Day Allstar Classics conducts several events throughout the year: The MLK Day Allstar Classics Golf Tournament, GIU Underclassmen Showcase, youth football camps and clinics, Coaches Clinic, plus the MLK Day Allstar Classics Experience and the Findlay Toyota Meet the Players, player parade and free concert during game week. View a complete list of MLK Day Allstar Classics events and activities under the Fan Events and Community tabs above.


What is the date and time for this year's MLK Day Allstar Classics ?

The 2022 MLK Day Allstar Classics will be played on Monday, January 17, 2022, at St. George, Utah. Nv. Kickoff is TBA on the NFL Network.


How is the MLK Day Allstar Classics date determined?

The games will always played on MLK DAY.


What network will televise the MLK Day Allstar Classics?

The 2022 MLK Day Allstar Classics will be nationally televised by NFL Network at 3:00pm PT.


Who plays in the MLK Day Allstar Classics?

Each year, the MLK Day Allstar Classics rosters feature the nation's top senior high school and collegiate football players. Only college seniors and fourth-year junior graduates are eligible for the collegiate game. Fourth-year junior graduates must have graduated by the December prior to the game to be eligible.


Who coaches the Senior Bowl?

National Football League coaching staffs coach the two Senior Bowl teams each year. The staffs are determined in cooperation with the NFL. The teams with the lowest winning percentage that season usually get the first opportunity to coach in the game, but only if a majority of their staff - and head coach - are intact.


How does media request credentials for the MLK Day Allstar Classics?

There is a 'Request Credentials' option under the MEDIA tab at the top of the home page. Credentials are for active, working media only. Only full-time working media will be considered. Credentials will NOT be granted after the deadline of January 13, 2022 at 12:00pm PT.